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I'm using iosSlider and it has settings and options that include autoSlide:true which are set on document ready.

It also has a public method $('div').iosSlider('update'); Which:

Updates/reinitializes internal variables/CSS attributes based on changes to the HTML/CSS/JS structure of the slider.

So my script for a button div is

$("#menuItem1").click(function () {
    $('.iosSlider').iosSlider('goToSlide', 1);

and I have no idea where to put autoSlide:false as my update? The slide change works, I just want to stop auto scroll when user jumps to a slide.

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I missed the autoSlideToggleSelector setting which kind of works, I think I'll just have to make two buttons and set if statements (i.e. start button: if sliding, do nothing; stop button: if sliding, stop slider)

Any help still appreciated.

autoSlideToggleSelector: (string) A jQuery selection (ex. $('#autoScrollToggle') ), the element returned by the selector will disable/enable automatic scrolling when clicked. Note: Only works when autoSlide is set to 'true'.

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