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Has anyone had trouble ever trying to implement this?

I can't figure out why mine doesn't work. I can only get the first list element to work properly. If I try to add another upload button with Appendo it is not clickable. Any reason why this is?

This is just a guess, but does jQuery know how many instances of a class there are when the page is loaded? If so, do I need to handle this with AJAX then?

I understand this is a very vague question, but for sake of posting a bunch of code I thought I would see if someone had a similar problem with Appendo. Appreciate any help.

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I figured it out!

I ditched appendo and used the jQuery's clone method instead which results in the following code

$("#cloner").bind('click', function(){

However, if you want to use appendo and have a button, you need to set copyHandlers to true. This tells it to copy EVERYTHING including event handlers so the button will work.

    copyHandlers: true,
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