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The Kinect OpenNI library uses a custom video file format to store videos that contain rgb+d information. These videos have the extension *.oni. I am unable to find any information or documentation whatsoever on the ONI video format.

I'm looking for a way to convert a conventional rgb video to a *.oni video. The depth channel can be left blank (ie zeroed out). For example purposes, I have a MPEG-4 encoded .mov file with audio and video channels.

There are no restrictions on how this conversion must be made, I just need to convert it somehow! Ie, imagemagick, ffmpeg, mencoder are all ok, as is custom conversion code in C/C++ etc.

So far, all I can find is one C++ conversion utility in the OpenNI sources. From the looks of it, I this converts from one *.oni file to another though. I've also managed to find a C++ script by a phd student that converts images from a academic database into a *.oni file. Unfortunately the code is in spanish, not one of my native languages.

Any help or pointers much appreciated!

EDIT: As my usecase is a little odd, some explanation may be in order. The OpenNI Drivers (in my case I'm using the excellent Kinect for Matlab library) allow you to specify a *.oni file when creating the Kinect context. This allows you to emulate having a real Kinect attached that is receiving video data - useful when you're testing / developing code (you don't need to have the Kinect attached to do this). In my particular case, we will be using a Kinect in the production environment (process control in a factory environment), but during development all I have is a video file :) Hence wanting to convert to a *.oni file. We aren't using the Depth channel at the moment, hence not caring about it.

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I don't have a complete answer for you, but take a look at the NiRecordRaw and NiRecordSynthetic examples in OpenNI/Samples. They demonstrate how to create an ONI with arbitrary or modified data. See how MockDepthGenerator is used in NiRecordSynthetic -- in your case you will need MockImageGenerator. For more details you may want to ask in the openni-dev google group.

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This is good enough for me - marking as correct. Thanks! –  aaronsnoswell Jan 12 '13 at 6:11

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