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I am trying to set the height and width of a div through javascript and to no avail. I have tried numerous things and had no luck so far please advise me where i am going wrong? I thought this would just be straight forward...

I am not sure what the problem is here, I cannot use CSS in this case to set the variables i need to do it in JavaScript that is another topic all together though.

<div id="demo">Demo Div</div>

    var test = document.getElementById("demo"); = "100px"; = "100px"; = 'border:1px solid black;'

Thank you in advance.(I am open to a jQuery alternative as well)


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The problem is that your last line is setting cssText, which overwrites the styles set on the first two lines rather than adding to them. Try this instead:

var test = document.getElementById("demo"); = "100px"; = "100px"; = '1px solid black'


And since you mentioned jQuery, here's one way you could use it to do the same thing:

    width : "100px",
    height : "100px",
    border : '1px solid black'
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ahh thank you for that nice, simple and fast reply awesome work there! – Epik Nov 6 '12 at 1:16

The cssText is overwriting the height and width you set, as well as any other styling you had.

JQuery, thanks to nnnnnn:

    width : "100px",
    height : "100px",
    border : '1px solid black'

I would recommend trashing cssText for border like so:

var test = document.getElementById("demo"); = '1px solid black'; = "100px"; = "100px";

But if you really need cssText, then use it first:

var test = document.getElementById("demo"); = 'border:1px solid black;'; = "100px"; = "100px";

The last viable solution is to do it all using cssText:

var test = document.getElementById("demo"); = 'border:1px solid black; width: 100px; height: 100px';
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