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Using the Shopify API, is there a way to creation promotions for your store? If not, is there a way to programmatically create promotions in Shopify? (short of using CURL posts to the admin)

That is, I can create a promotion by hand using the admin and navigating to the Promotions and clicking the Add a discount code link. I'd like to be able to do the same thing programmatically, or to know for certain this isn't possible. I don't see any obvious method on the api list, but it seems like something should be an API method.

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Unfortunately they don't allow it... I resorted to creating an interface to do so, though:


Hope it helps


I also created a blog post about it.

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There is no way to create discounts via the API.

If you want we have made an application that can be used to create discount codes.

Otherwise you can use a tool like Mechanize to automate coupon creation for you, but keep in mind theres a good chance that any time in the future it will break since we don't make any promises to keep our admin the same in the future. Any changes have a good chance of breaking whatever script you'd end up writing.

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Chris, any reason for this? There's obviously already an API made for managing discounts, as it's being used by docs.shopify.com/manual/more/official-shopify-apps/… (The Bulk Discounts app requires some time to generate all of the discount codes in your store because it works with Shopify's robust API to generate codes. The API has a call limit imposed on it) – Marius Andreiana Oct 21 '14 at 8:50

If you're familiar with Rails or you're already using ActiveResource for your Shopify API calls, then you can drop in this modified version of Discount < ActiveResource::Base https://gist.github.com/choonkeat/09a56da222f506e627c5

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