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I am trying to read a file from a directory 2 folders lower than the script. The code works fine when the file is in the same directory but when its lower, it fails every time. Here's My code

$logfile = '/pass/uploads/test.aes';
$my_file = file_get_contents("$logfile");
echo $my_file;


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A filename beginning with / is an absolute name, and is relative to the root of the filesystem.

Remove the beginning slash if it's meant to be a name relative to the current directory. Or, tack __DIR__ onto the beginning of the name, like __DIR__ . '/pass/uploads/test.aes'.

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Ahh, yes; I didn't notice that. – Tortoise Nov 6 '12 at 1:40
Thanks so much that just did the trick – user1685192 Nov 6 '12 at 1:46

You should just be able to use ../../ at the beginning of the path to go up two directories, unless the permissions on those directories are set incorrectly.

EDIT: as cHao said, adding / to the path will go to the root of the file system, which will almost certainly result in a permission error.

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Try this code

    $logfile = '../../pass/uploads/test.aes';
    $my_file = file_get_contents($logfile);
    echo $my_file;
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