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I'm getting this error:

"ActiveModel::MassAssignmentSecurity::Error in DaysController#create

Can't mass-assign protected attributes: _destroy"

I didn't even know that _destroy is an attribute!

What I have going on:

My model is that I have "Trips" which has many "Days"

In the "Show" view of my Trips model, I'm rendering a partial for a Form to add a new "Day":

<div id="day_form">
  <%= render :partial => "day_form", :day => @day %>

My model:

class Trip < ActiveRecord::Base
  attr_accessible :title, :days_attributes
  has_many :days
  accepts_nested_attributes_for :days, allow_destroy: true


 class Day < ActiveRecord::Base
  attr_accessible :activity_id, :order, :summary, :trip_id, :activities_attributes
  belongs_to :trip
  has_many :activities, :order => 'position'
  accepts_nested_attributes_for :activities, allow_destroy: true 

When I submit the form, I am getting this Mass Assignment error. Why?


The 'Day' Form looks like this:

    <%= form_for(@day) do |f| %>

      <% @day.errors.full_messages.each do |msg| %>
        <li><%= msg %></li>
      <% end %>
  <% end %>

          <%= f.label :summary, "Day Summary" %><br />
          <%= f.text_area :summary, :rows => 1 %><br />
          <%= f.hidden_field :_destroy %>
              <%= link_to "remove", '#', class: "remove_fields" %>
        <div class="actions">
    <%= f.submit %>
<% end %>
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What does your form look like? – Digi_Cazter Nov 6 '12 at 2:56
Okay - I feel really silly. There was a hidden_field of _destroy leftover from another form I reused this code from. Sorry, I'm new at this but shouldn't be making these silly mistakes. Thank you @Digi_Cazter – Hung Luu Nov 6 '12 at 3:21
No problem, I'm glad you were able to find the problem. Happy Coding! – Digi_Cazter Nov 6 '12 at 3:40
 module ApplicationHelper
  def link_to_remove_fields(name, f)
    text_field_tag(:_destroy) + link_to_function(name, "remove_fields(this)")

replace f.hidden_field

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