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I want to search for all the phrases that are in quotes and then duplicate them.

In Emacs, my search looks like this:

M-x replace-regexp <RETURN> "*" <RETURN> $& $& <RETURN>

But it doesn't work...

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"*" doesn't match a quote-delimited string; it matches any (nonzero) number of quotation marks in a row.

In regular expressions, * is a modifier, not the wildcard that it is in filename patterns. It means "match 0 or more of the previous pattern", so "*" is "0 or more quotation marks, followed by a quotation mark" - that is, any number of quotation marks in a row.

The usual regular expression for "anything" is .* which matches 0 or more of "any character" (.). But that would include quotation marks; ".*" would match everything from the first quotation mark to the last as one big string. What you want is "[^"]*", which matches a quotation mark, followed by any number of non-quotation marks, followed by another quotation mark.

Also, the matched pattern is \&, not $&. This might work better:

M-x replace-regexp <RETURN> "[^"]*" <RETURN> \& \& <RETURN>
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You could also use ".*?". When following a *, +, or ? modifier, a question mark makes that preceding modifier non-greedy, so .*? matches as few of "any character" as possible to satisfy the pattern. See C-h i g (elisp) Regexp Special RET –  phils Nov 6 '12 at 3:42
@mark-reed thank you so much for the reply. When I try your method in Aquamacs, I get invalid use of '\' in replacement text. Any thoughts? Thanks again. –  Peter Salazar Dec 28 '12 at 0:33
@PeterSalazar Sorry, no. It works fine for me in Aquamacs here: I hit option-x, type replace-regexp, hit the return key, type "[^"]*", hit the return key, type \&, press space, type \& again, hit the return key, and get a message Replaced 0 occurrences. –  Mark Reed Dec 28 '12 at 14:11

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