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Quote about Crysis 1:

Roy Taylor, Vice President of Content Relations at Nvidia, has spoken on the subject of the engine's complexity, stating that Crysis has over a million lines of code, 1 GB of texture data, 85,000 shaders, and nearly three thousand pages of code.

How is this possible? What is there so much to do that requires a million lines of code? You already have the DirectX API calls; it's not like they're reinventing graphics drivers. And 85,000 shaders <- there's no way that's possible.

I've heard similar claims for other engines, but how is that possible? What could they be doing so much to get to a million lines?

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Ever written a game that does stunning state of the art graphics, game logic, asset loading, advanced AI, collision detection and physics simulation, networking, ... and all that in not more than 30 milliseconds? C'mon, it's not just about putting together some DX/GL calls. Well Ok, 85000 shaders really sounds a bit weird, but then again it depends on your shader management architecture, without übershaders or include tricks you can indeed get pretty many due to combinatorial explosion. But in the end this isn't really a valid SO question, anyway. –  Christian Rau Nov 6 '12 at 10:05
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One million lines does not sounds so unreasonable to me, but I think they are exaggerating. They might be including the lines of code in their tools on top of the lines in the engine itself. As for the shaders, they're probably counting all the different permutations of shaders that they automatically generate.

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