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I saw lots of developers just blindly follow the step-by step instruction to copy JAX-WS RI jars to Tomcat endorsement folder. and didn't see anybody asked why.

1) If JDK 6 update 4+ has already include JAX-WS API & RI and 2) Tomcat 6 is set up with JDK 6 udpate 4+ in the eclipse

Then why do we still have to copy those JAX-API jars to tomcat endorsement folder?

raise your hands if you don't know and just blindly follow the instruction :) or maybe I'm the one of few developers in the dark?

I have an assumption, I will accept your answer if it matches my assumption or your answer makes more sense.

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Presumably to use an updated implementation. For reference, see this s.o. question on the jdk jax-ws vs. metro and this 2009 blog post which talks about how to add endorsed jars to tomcat (i.e,. create $TOMCAT_HOME/endorsed.) As of JDK 6u4, RI are bundled w/JDK; subsequent jdk updates have included newer reference implementations (RI): jdk6u31 has JAXB API=2.1/RI=2.1.10; JAXWS API=2.1/RI=2.1

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