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I'm using the premade .slideToggle method in JQuery I want to add an object to the .slideDown state of .slideToggle. ie) When I click a button I want to bind that object to the .slideDown event and 'close' it. However I obviously cannot just .add the object to .slideToggle. Is there a way to specifically target the slideDown state? Or do I have to utilize .slideUp and .slideDown if I want the privilege of specificity?

Obviously .slideToggle is another super easy JQuery "let's look like magic while we cache all the if{s and all the rest into one big variable".

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I believe you'll have to give up using .slideToggle() but you can still use the convenience of .toggle()

$('#some-element').toggle(function() {
  // put slideDown here, along with anything else that should accompany it
}, function() {
  // put slideUp here, etc.
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Yeah. That's what I was thinking. I'm still holding out for someone to chime in with a neat lil' trick. –  Justin Ward Nov 6 '12 at 7:13

You could always do like this. It's not better than @Justin Ward's way. But it works

    if ($(this).is(":visible")) {
        // Do something (showing)
    } else {
        // Do something (not showing)
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