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I just came up with an idea that I want to develop into an application to distinguish/auto detect voices from different people.

Sample use case: After training with Obama and Romney's data, the application would be able to detect whenever either one speak again (not necessary the same content from the training data)

I am wondering if there are any existing research on this. (I don't know how to search for this. I tried a couple keywords and got no significant results.)

If not, what is a good way to start? How to choose features, data representation, models, etc.


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I found Speaker recognition on Wikipedia which in turn linked to An overview of text-independent speaker recognition: From features to supervectors (Kinnunen, Li, 2010).

From the abstract of the paper:

This paper gives an overview of automatic speaker recognition technology, with an emphasis on text-independent recognition. Speaker recognition has been studied actively for several decades. We give an overview of both the classical and the state-of-the-art methods.

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