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In my BB app, i want to detect phone numbers as well as to call those phone numbers. In order to do that i have used ActiveRichTextField instead of LabelField. This field works fine to detect the phone numbers but the problem i am getting is that it fails to detect some of the numbers especially of the country Australia. It detects phone numbers of India perfectly fine but not for Australia and some other numbers. What i have done for this is posted below as:

ActiveRichTextField descField;
if (isFocaseble) {
    descField = new ActiveRichTextField(replacedString.trim(),
                                        ActiveRichTextField.FIELD_LEFT |
                                        ActiveRichTextField.USE_ALL_WIDTH |

i have checked here if its focused or not because only numbers have to be gained focused since there are other data also which have no need to be given focus and replacedString is what the data getting from the webservice.Below are the snaps of my screen through which one can get the clear idea of my problem.

(1) Below are Numbers of Australia:

enter image description here

(2) Numbers of Australia

enter image description here

(3) Numbers of India

enter image description here

Can anybody have any idea regarding this? why i am not able to detect whole numbers and where am i lacking?

Any sort of help would be appreciable.

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ContactList contactList; contactList = (ContactList) PIM.getInstance().openPIMList(PIM.CONTACT_LIST, PIM.READ_ONLY); Enumeration items = contactList.items(); ////System.out.println("Contacts information:............................"+contactList.items()); while (items.hasMoreElements()) { contact = (BlackBerryContact) items.nextElement(); // here contact is custom class contain emailID,name,contact etc int cntTel = contact.countValues(BlackBerryContact.TEL); } – javid piprani Nov 6 '12 at 8:22
If you remove whitespaces does it recognize better? – Eugen Martynov Nov 6 '12 at 10:12
i have also tried by removing whitespaces @EugenMartynov, but the case didn't solved.There also numbers with whitesapces between them but are been detected correctly but the rest dont. – AkashG Nov 6 '12 at 10:18

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