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The problem: I have a combo box that needs to fit into a fixed space as part of a Swing application. However, its contents may be quite long. I'd like the box itself to be a fixed size, truncating contents. When the down arrow is clicked, though, I'd like it to act similar to an HTML select and show a box that is long enough to fit the longest entry as the drop down. The ListCellRenderer may be the way to go on this one; I'm not sure.

It also may be that I need some sort of implementation of javax.swing.plaf.basic.ComboPopup and my own ComboBoxUI. I've dug through the SwingUtilities code to understand how the DefaultListCellRenderer does its calculations. It uses a JLabel, and the BasicLabelUI calls SwingUtilities.layoutCompoundLabel (eventually in the call stack) which does the clipping. BasicComboPopup, the only implementation of ComboPopup in the Java 6 code I was digging through, seemed to delegate to: JList.computeVisibleRect(Component c, Rectangle visibleRect)

Has anyone done this before? Any pointers?

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Here is a good starting point :)

EDIT: Wayback link:

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There was a good starting point... – Costis Aivalis Oct 20 '11 at 14:49
@CostisAivalis fixed that with Wayback machine. – Yar Feb 20 '12 at 17:12
Wow! Great idea! – Costis Aivalis Feb 20 '12 at 17:15

JComboBox by anonymous with variable-width dropdown. Note that this is Metal LAF only.

import java.awt.*;
import java.util.*;
import javax.swing.*;
import javax.swing.plaf.metal.*;
import javax.swing.plaf.basic.*;

 * @version 1.0 12/12/98
 * updated 2012-02-18 to include @Overrides and other Java needs
class SteppedComboBoxUI extends MetalComboBoxUI {
  protected ComboPopup createPopup() {
    BasicComboPopup popup = new BasicComboPopup( comboBox ) {

    public void show() {
        Dimension popupSize = ((SteppedComboBox)comboBox).getPopupSize();
        popupSize.setSize( popupSize.width,
          getPopupHeightForRowCount( comboBox.getMaximumRowCount() ) );
        Rectangle popupBounds = computePopupBounds( 0,
          comboBox.getBounds().height, popupSize.width, popupSize.height);
        scroller.setMaximumSize( popupBounds.getSize() );
        scroller.setPreferredSize( popupBounds.getSize() );
        scroller.setMinimumSize( popupBounds.getSize() );
        int selectedIndex = comboBox.getSelectedIndex();
        if ( selectedIndex == -1 ) {
        } else {
          list.setSelectedIndex( selectedIndex );
        list.ensureIndexIsVisible( list.getSelectedIndex() );
        setLightWeightPopupEnabled( comboBox.isLightWeightPopupEnabled() );

        show( comboBox, popupBounds.x, popupBounds.y );
    return popup;

public class SteppedComboBox extends JComboBox {
  protected int popupWidth;

  public SteppedComboBox(ComboBoxModel aModel) {
    setUI(new SteppedComboBoxUI());
    popupWidth = 0;

  public SteppedComboBox(final Object[] items) {
    setUI(new SteppedComboBoxUI());
    popupWidth = 0;

public SteppedComboBox(Vector items) {
    setUI(new SteppedComboBoxUI());
    popupWidth = 0;

  public void setPopupWidth(int width) {
    popupWidth = width;

  public Dimension getPopupSize() {
    Dimension size = getSize();
    if (popupWidth < 1) popupWidth = size.width;
    return new Dimension(popupWidth, size.height);
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