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ssl error invalid or self-signed certificate magento image upload

Any have solution for this error.Please rectify my problem

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In the Base URL fields you should enter the unsecure (regular) web site URL and the web site URL for the SSL connections. You can leave the other values unchanged, as they will be set automatically by the script after you enter the Base URL.

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In my case it was because of .htaccess password protected website. Removing temporarily the password protection fixed the problem.

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What should I remove password protection from .htaccess file? –  Dexterity 2 days ago

In my case this only happened on staging magento servers. They had an HTACCESS file that was whitelisted for the IP and both had the HTTP site listed in the "Secure" and "Unsecure" section of the magento web configuration. Using Firefox, it would fail every single time, trying to upload a product image. The only solution that worked reliably each time was to install and use Chrome. For some reason, that seemed to solve our issue throughout all of our servers. This error never showed up on our production server that had a real SSL installed.

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