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My problem is that I am using LDAPconnection class and connecting over SSL. I manage to get nTSecurityDescriptor value but now getting error

"Unable to cast object of System.Byte[] to ActiveDs.IADsSecurityDescriptor"

I am using code like this

SearchResponse response = (SearchResponse)connection.SendRequest(request);
IADsSecurityDescriptor sd = (IADsSecurityDescriptor)response.Entries[0].Attributes["nTSecurityDescriptor"][0];

Is there any error or some other way to do this?

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At last I find the answer of my question. This class convert the byte[] to valid security decriptor comobject.

ActiveDs.ADsSecurityUtility secUtility = new ActiveDs.ADsSecurityUtility();
ActiveDs.IADsSecurityDescriptor sd = (IADsSecurityDescriptor)secUtility.ConvertSecurityDescriptor((byte[])attribute[0], (int)ADS_SD_FORMAT_ENUM.ADS_SD_FORMAT_RAW, (int)ADS_SD_FORMAT_ENUM.ADS_SD_FORMAT_IID);
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