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I am checking the feasibility of using SIP for implementing WebRTC. I checked an open source project called


With that i was able to check video call between 2 sip accounts

My question is :

1. Can i have my own sip server and then talk to users (services) on other sip servers? e.g ...i have a chat app (myChat) using a sip server. User usisng my chat app, i want to connect to users on other app (YuChat) on a different sip server.

So can i connect to a user on a different sip server (anywhere).

I feel its called cross sip server communication.

2. I konw that using SIP, one android device can make call to another android device. But I am not sure about calling to other platform like iPhone/windows. Is it possible?

3. And also, whether the caller and recipient should have same SIP domain? if its different domain, how can two SIP servers communicate? is there some redirect in SIP server?

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  1. It depends on your SIP server and intermediate SIP Proxies between your SIP server and another SIP Server. If the SIP network is properly routed you will not have any problems.

  2. It is definitely possible if you have a native SIP client for every platform. In that case all your SIP clients should have the same codec set and RTP packetization schemes.

If you mean sipml5 as crossplatform solution. It is not a crossplatform solution. It requires HTML5 Websocket and WebRTC support in a browser. For example it will not work on ios, IE, etc without installation additional plugins.

  1. See answer(1). You need an intermediate SIP proxy to route call to other SIP domain.
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