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I have the following PHP code:

shell_exec("(traceroute odesk.com > trace.txt;echo 'traceIsDone'>>trace.txt) &");

This line takes 50 seconds to finish, it worked with ping and when I execute the line in a terminal window it returns immediately:

(traceroute odesk.com > trace.txt;echo 'traceIsDone'>>trace.txt) &

How can I execute that command and immediately after have PHP go to the next line? So not waiting for the shell_exec command to finish?

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If I use popen instead of shell_exec it doesn't block. I use this in a web page and the user will do several requests to get the total trace. Not sure if popen causes a memory leak as I am ignoring the file handle and never close it. –  HMR Nov 6 '12 at 8:09

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You should use popen():

Opens a pipe to a process executed by forking the command given by command.

It says it forks the command, ie it starts it in a new thread so it doesn't block your main thread. Therefore I think that's what you'd want to use.

You can use it pretty much like fopen() (if you're familiar with it), using fgets(), fgetss() and fwrite().

popen() in the PHP Manual

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