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I downloaded gSoap and generated source code for wsdl. And I could connect to the server and send the request.

But I can't understand how I can catch http events like bytes sent, bytes recv. I read this document

But I can't find what I need. I found function fsend. As I understand this function is being executed when we're sending a request to the server. Do I have to do something like this?

service.fsend = Custom;

Where Custom is my callback?

I've found other callback is ffiltersend. As I understand this function is being runned when request is sending. I use it. But I don't understand last parametr in this method is pointer to size_t. When I get value from this pointer and devide by 2 I get count of my real bytes. Why?

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is bytes send, bytes recv very meaningful to you? –  billz Nov 6 '12 at 7:59
For me more importnat time of sending, cause I upload file via gSoap... That's why bytes recv for me not to important... And I still don't understand how can I do it.... –  Artem Ibragimov Nov 6 '12 at 8:18

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