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I have two questions about the XMPP protocol:

1) how can I request Name for my current JID (My Connected Account) as registered first time by requesting IQ command ?

2) How can I change nickname for one of my roster accounts(JIDS) ?

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Section describes NAME attribute.

The 'name' attribute ... determined by the user (not the contact). Although the value of the 'name' attribute MAY have meaning to a human user, it is opaque to the server. It is OPTIONAL for a client to include the 'name' attribute when adding or updating a roster item.

That basically means the connection itself does not have NAME.

And if you added yourself in your own roster - then it is no different that getting NAME for any other contact.

Section 2.1.5 shows the needed stanza to change some attribute - in your case that would be NAME attribute.

If you have any quesito nwith XMPP - most easy would be to take some long-existing lcient like JAJC or Vacuum-IM, open XML Log Console, do your action and read which stanzes been really exchanged.

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thanks , i downloaded Vacuum-IM ,its very good idea to see exchanging stanzas, very very helpful. thanks a gain. –  Realbitt Nov 7 '12 at 11:42
Well, i suggested you to read stanzas back at stackoverflow.com/questions/13153289 :-) I wonder why u did not do it back then... –  Arioch 'The Nov 8 '12 at 8:17

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