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My request is to send push notification from Server to iPhone. Everything is working well. Unless I need my iPhone side to be able to feedback to server side when receive notification immediately. If my app is foreground, I can send HTTP request via didReceiveRemoteNotification method. But if my app is in background (click home button to exit), didReceiveRemoteNotification is not called at all! Why??? I'm pulling my hair!

Technically i believe it's realizable. I check the "Whats App", phoneA sends message to phoneB: if phoneB is offline, phoneA only gets a single tick. Later if phoneB get on line, phoneA will get a double ticks. And if phoneB is in background, phoneA also can get a double tick. Which means although phoneB is in background, but it did something.

I'm wondering how Whats App can do when the app is in background.

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you can run your app in the background for 10 minutes after you exit the app –  Bastian Nov 6 '12 at 9:08
Not exactly, once I exit the app, didReceiveRemoteNotification will not be called at all. Any help? –  Benroo Nov 7 '12 at 2:02

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