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In the following code, I'm trying to get the value of the first div under "latest", but I keep getting "undefined". I'm expecting the value 5705. This should have worked, right? How do I set this right?

var auto_refresh = setInterval(function()
}, 5000); // refresh every 5 seconds

The html part: There'll be more divs added here. So 5705 may be 5710 or something else.

<div class="latest">
<div class="story" lastValue="5705">Story 5</div>
<div class="story" lastValue="5704">Story 4</div>
<div class="story" lastValue="5703">Story 3</div>
<div class="story" lastValue="5702">Story 2</div>
<div class="story" lastValue="5701">Story 1</div>
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you have to select the first child and not the first container



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You want to select first child, not first element with class latest.

console.log($('.latest > div').first().attr('lastValue'));
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Because you're selecting the wrong element(s), you want the .story elements, but you're selecting the .latest elements. Use:

$('.latest .story:first').attr('lastValue');


$('.latest .story:first-child`).attr('lastValue');


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You have several ways to do this:

console.log($('.latest .story').first().attr('lastValue'));


console.log($('.latest .story:first-child').attr('lastValue'));


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$('.latest') return an array of any elements which have latest in class attribute.
So $('.latest').first() return first element of this array.
In your example, HTML element div.latest is returned not the first div.story.

If you try : console.log($('.latest').first().attr('class')) you'll see what is matching by what you write.

It seems that you want to reach the first latest story, means first div.story element under div.latest element.
So try : console.log($('.latest .story').first())

My test with JSFIDDLE here :

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