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I've been experimenting with Neo4J and the text queries work just fine. Then I switched to the Neo4JClient in .Net and now I want to use the CypherFluentQuery, but for some really weird reason the query generated does not include the node ids, but only the placeholders like {p0},p{1}...) what am I missing?

Below an example of my simple query:


string textQuery = "START user=node(9,7,8,10,11) " +
"MATCH user-[:is_friend_of]->isfriendof " +
"RETURN as user, as IsFriendOf";

CypherQuery query = new CypherQuery(textQuery,
new Dictionary<string, object>(),
var nodes = client.ExecuteGetCypherResults<MyNode>(query).ToList();

Now the CypherFluentQuery (THROWS EXCEPTION):

NodeReference<TestNode> node1 = new NodeReference<TestNode>(9);
NodeReference<TestNode> node2 =new NodeReference<TestNode>(7);
NodeReference<TestNode> node3 = new NodeReference<TestNode>(8);
NodeReference<TestNode> node4 = new NodeReference<TestNode>(10);
NodeReference<TestNode> node5 = new NodeReference<TestNode>(11);

NodeReference [] nodes = { node1, node2, node3, node4, node5  };
var results = new CypherFluentQuery(client)
                                    .Start("user", nodes)
                                    .Return<MyNode>(" as user, as     IsFriendOf", CypherResultMode.Projection)

The referenced Node Classes are these:

public class MyNode
    public string user { get; set; }
    public string IsFriendOf { get; set; }

public class TestNode 

    public string name { get; set; }


Received an unexpected HTTP status when executing the request.

The query was: START user=node({p0}, {p1}, {p2}, {p3}, {p4})
MATCH user-[:is_friend_of]->isfriendof
RETURN as user, as IsFriendOf

The response status was: 400 Bad Request

UPDATE I updated Neo4JClient with nugget and now apparently I can't use ExecuteGetCypherResults, so I guess my question now is more valid than ever :-/

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Hi Jorge, What version of Neo4j and Neo4jclient are you using? For your 'text' version as a workaround you can do: ((IRawGraphClient)client).ExecuteGetCypherResults<MyNode>(query).ToList(); – Chris Skardon Nov 20 '12 at 9:36
@ChrisSkardon Thanks Chris, I will try again, too bad that I haven't find out the reason why the CypherFluentQuery is not working – Jorge Alvarado Nov 21 '12 at 11:15
If you give the version numbers you're using it might be something to do with that..... – Chris Skardon Nov 22 '12 at 12:07

The {p0} style placeholders are correct. (See the Parameters section of to understand why they exist).

The 400 error back from Neo4j means that it didn't like the query text that was sent.

In your question, you have truncated the exception message right at the useful part though. We need the response body to see what Neo4j is having problems with, and this comes after the response status.

To debug the query text locally, there are also techniques described at

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