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Running the WindowsSdkVer.exe shipped with Platform SDK 7.1 does not work. None of the .BAT files in VS 2005 get updated.

can anyone please tell me how to correct this? Also, how do I verify that VS2005 is using Platform SDK 7.1?

There are several articles for this in MSDN but none of them for above configuration. Also, none of them describe the concrete way / definate way of verifying this

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VS2005 never used the SDK, it shipped with a private copy of the SDK files. If 7.1 is important then do consider updating VS. – Hans Passant Nov 6 '12 at 12:42

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You could try to manually set the include and lib paths of the VS environment under

Tools->Options->VC++ Directories

or something like that (it's been a while).

For verification, you can add the /showIncludes parameter to the additional compiler options of the project, and /verbose:lib to the additional linker options to double check that the correct headers/libraries are being used when compiling/linking the project.

IIRC there was some kind of incompatibility between one of the newer versions of the SDK (could have been version 7) and using VS2005, but I can't recall off hand what that was.

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