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I'm using thrift_client 0.8.1 library. And it supports some hook interfaces.

client =, host)

client.add_callback :before_method do |*args| instance_eval("@current_server") args.inspect

client.add_callback :post_connect do |client| "A thrift server connection has been made<#{client.current_server}>"

Everytime calling a method, I would like to write log the information of thrift server. So I installed a :before method hook but I think instance_eval("@current_server") doesn't work as I expected. The @current_server is an instance variable in the ThriftClient class. What is the problem?

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I don't believe that the :before_method callback is invoked within the ThriftClient instance context. This is the invocation of :before_method:

  def do_callbacks(callback_type_sym, *args)
    return unless @callbacks[callback_type_sym]
    @callbacks[callback_type_sym].each do |callback|*args)

The :before_method CB is invoked with the method name. For :post_connect it is the client instance.

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