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I have a set of menu bars which I have been editing

http://carbonyzed.co.uk/menu/2/ using

http://carbonyzed.co.uk/menu/2/css/style.css and

http://carbonyzed.co.uk/menu/2/js/custom.js ]

I have created these menu bars however instead of it poping out like it currently does, I need to make it pop out like in

http://carbonyzed.co.uk/menu/1/ - the css for this one lies withing the index.html file itself

Sorry for posting links, hopefully you can view the code like I did, the custom.js code is here

$(document).ready(function() {

// Adds title attributes and classnames to list items

$("ul li a:contains('History')").addClass("dashboard").attr('title', 'Dashboard');
$("ul li a:contains('Links')").addClass("pages").attr('title', 'Pages');
$("ul li a:contains('Media')").addClass("media").attr('title', 'Media');
$("ul li a:contains('Campaigns')").addClass("history").attr('title', 'History');
$("ul li a:contains('Messages')").addClass("messages").attr('title', 'Messages');
$("ul li a:contains('Maintenance')").addClass("settings").attr('title',  

// Add class to last list item of submenu

$("ul.submenu li:last-child").addClass("last");

$("ul li:has(ul)").click(function(){
    $(this).find("ul.menu").stop("true", "true").slideDown(500);
    }, function(){
    $(this).find("ul.menu").stop("true", "true").slideUp(500);


I felt that posting the links would be better than posting loads of code.

Thank you to everybody in advance for taking the time to help me with this. I can provide FTP access if necessary to http://carbonyzed.co.uk/menu/


Henry Aspden

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The Docking facility that carbonyzed.co.uk/menu/1 has is not necessary, however would be cool... –  Henry Aspden Nov 6 '12 at 9:34

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