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Using Thinking Sphinx in my rails app, I set it up to allow partial match with infix (for example, searching for "tray" would match "ashtray").

However, I'd like complete word match to have more weight (relevance) than infix match.

So, if my search for 'tray' returns these 3 results : "Silver Tray", "Ashtray" and "Some other tray" - I want the "Ashtray" to be the last result when sorting by relevance.

Is there a way to configure Sphinx to do that ?

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You need to define your own ranker. Here's how the default ones look like:

SPH_RANK_PROXIMITY_BM25 = sum(lcs*user_weight)*1000+bm25

SPH_RANK_BM25 = bm25


SPH_RANK_WORDCOUNT = sum(hit_count*user_weight)

SPH_RANK_PROXIMITY = sum(lcs*user_weight)

SPH_RANK_MATCHANY = sum((word_count+(lcs-1)*max_lcs)*user_weight)


SPH_RANK_SPH04 = sum((4*lcs+2*(min_hit_pos==1)+exact_hit)*user_weight)*1000+bm25

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Great ! Looks like the right direction tos earch for a solution. Now I just have to get how to set the ranker ;-D – LapinLove404 Nov 9 '12 at 8:32

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