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many websites join the same propery of css rule in their css file, I want to use compass sass to complete this job, I found that extend method can do it, but it must extend base an selector, any way not to output the base css selector?,for example.


they has same "color:red".if I want to ouput


I must extend .c


but actually I don't want .c display at my css file. how to do it?
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In Sass 3.2, they added a feature that does just that: http://sass-lang.com/docs/yardoc/file.SASS_REFERENCE.html#placeholders

Basically, use a % instead of a . to make a silent class that's only for extending.

%c {
    color: green;

.a, .b {
    @extend %c;
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thank you very much ! good answer –  linjuming Nov 7 '12 at 6:46

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