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I am new in Flex. I have a Advance data-grid. I click on column in advance data-grid, stage1 get open with filled data using WSDL. I want to open stage1 in new tab or new browser tab with filled data using WSDL. like that if i click on 10 times on Advance data-grid column, 10 new tab should open with filled data using WSDL. Please help me.

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You cannot do what you are looking but there is workaround to do, use localconnection to achieve what you are looking for. FYR: - stevekamerman.com/2008/06/… – Mahesh Parate Nov 6 '12 at 10:32

New tab navigateToURL(newLink,"_blank");

Same tab navigateToURL(newLink,"_self");

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You can do with ExternalInterface and Javascript. Put your swf in a html page and call the javascript function to open the new window. In the new window you can open your swf with the stage1.

Please refer the following link.


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