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I am new to CSS, so please forgive me if this is a real stupid question! But the thing is, I have been trying this for last 48 hours but still unable to get it right. All I want is a CSS layout for this:

  1. Two columns, left fluid, right fixed (300px)
  2. Both columns are same height, right column has a background color throughout.
  3. A 100px height header.
  4. A 300px height footer.
  5. Whole thing encapsulated in a center position container. This container has a max-width of 960px and min-width of 480px. Whenever screen is less than 480px, the fixed right column should come vertically below the left content column.
  6. should Work in IE 7+, Chrome, Safari, FF.
  7. No JavaScript (can't understand why this would ever be required for this)

I have tried (and still trying) to do it, but somehow can not create the same height column. I tried a few online CSS generator without luck. Any help, pointer, etc. will be greatly appreciated.


Here is a jsfiddle : 'http://jsfiddle.net/GKEmA/' of what I did

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please show us what you did using jsfiddle. so we can help you with your own code. –  Rodik Nov 6 '12 at 10:10
here is what I have:jsfiddle.net/GKEmA –  hashbrown Nov 6 '12 at 10:22
Good to see that somebody has voted my question down where all I asked was some help or pointer to help me out on a technical domain I am learning for last 2 days. This definitely got me encouraged! –  hashbrown Nov 6 '12 at 11:21

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Matthew James Taylor's Equal Height Columns with Cross-Browser CSS article should provide a framework for solving this problem. He has solutions for both fluid and fixed columns; I believe they can be combined.

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You might want to have a go with using CSS table layout — no not HTML table markup, just the CSS properties. Floats aren't really designed for layout.



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