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I have two tables symbol and rpm.

Table Details: rpm: Entries in rpm export symbols and consume as well.

symbol: symbol table is a collection of all symbols(exported and consumed).

Table description:

symbol: symbols table have id, name, rpm_id (maps to id of rpm table) , flag to show whether it is exported or consumed. flag = 1; consumed flag = 0; exported

rpm: rpm table is having id, name.

More Context: A symbol exported by a rpm entry is consumed many times by other rpm table entries. Hence a symbol is enlisted in the symbol table multiple times with different id, rpm_id.

Problem Statement: List exported symbols by a given rpm(given its id; say 35) and number of time each symbol is consumed by other rpm entries.

output layout:

symbol.name | count(number of time this symbol is consumed)|

Tried solution:

SELECT symbol.name, count(distinct symbol.rpm_id)

FROM symbol, rpm

WHERE symbol.flag = 0 && symbol.rpm_id = 35

GROUP BY symbol.name;

but I am getting '1' in count column for each symbol, which is wrong.

Semantic of query in question:

First query should get all the symbols exported by given rpm.id (rpm.id = 35), then for each resulted symbol.id in result set, it should find number of times it is consumed i.e. its count and print the count in front of that symbol.

please suggest some way/query to get result.

thank you.

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can you post structure of tables on sqlfiddle.com –  raheel shan Nov 6 '12 at 10:34
you select the distinct count of your rpm_id wich is in the where (only the rpm_id 35 will be selected)... use count(symbol.id) –  silly Nov 6 '12 at 10:38
@silly: It show only one row, having one symbol(first one) which is exported by rpm.id = 35 and count(of all symbols exported by rpm.id=35) in front of that single symbol. –  Navid Nov 6 '12 at 11:13

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Try this solution

    rpm.id , 
    rpm.rpm , 
from rpm
left join symbols on symbols.rpm_id = rpm.id
where symbols.flag = 1
group by rpm.id

1 is for consumed

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Do you mean by rpm.name as rpm.name, right? I altered this and executed. It is showing complete count on symbol table entries. Perhaps we haven't provided the rpm.id for which we want to get symbols and their count. I test this also(giving rpm id = 35 in where clause with && operator) still it shows just one row in result and count(of total symbols exported by rpm.id = 35). –  Navid Nov 6 '12 at 11:09
can't suggest you anything unless you provide some sample data to test –  raheel shan Nov 6 '12 at 11:18

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