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I want to run mvn clean compile in each directory in my Eclipse workspace containing a pom.xml file.

I was able to run svn update for each directory containing .svn like this:

PS C:\workspace> Get-ChildItem -recurse -force | 
where {$_.name -eq ".svn"} | 
foreach {svn update $_.parent.FullName}

However, this gives the full path to svn and runs from the current directory. The mvn clean compile needs to be run inside the directory, afaik. Tried doing the following, but then I just get an error saying something can't be null. Seems to be the first cd call it complains about. Do I just have some syntax wrong, or am I using foreach wrong?

PS C:\workspace> Get-ChildItem -recurse | 
where {$_.name -eq "pom.xml"} | 
foreach { cd $_.parent.name; mvn clean compile; cd ..; }
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Seems like $_.parent.FullName property worked in the first case because I was filtering out only directories. In this case I filtered out files, so I got it working by using $_.DirectoryName instead.

PS C:\workspace> Get-ChildItem -recurse | 
where {$_.name -eq "pom.xml"} | 
foreach { cd $_.DirectoryName; mvn clean compile; cd ..; }
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First off, you should mark your answer as accepted. Second, how would I do this if I have lots of directories but each one of them has a directory of the svn structure branches, trunk, etc. and I want to cd into that trunk folder, and then into another folder inside called something like toplevel-trunk and then run mvn clean package? –  snowe2010 Feb 25 '14 at 20:49
Good point! There's a 48 hour limit or something, and I usually forget before that time limit goes :p As to how you would solve your particular problem, I suppose it would just be another variant of what I have here. Should just need to adjust the where and foreach contents. Maybe add some more to the chain. –  Svish Feb 26 '14 at 11:53

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