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I do not know how to create vCard from Address book. I can generate NSString for vCard data by searching but I dont know how to convert NSString to .vcf. Here is my code for NSString of vCard data.

NSString *vcard = @"BEGIN:VCARD\nVERSION:3.0\n";

    // Name
    vcard = [vcard stringByAppendingFormat:@"N:%@;%@;%@;%@;%@\n",
             (contact.lastname ? contact.lastname : @""),
             (contact.firstname ? contact.firstname : @""),
             (contact.middlename ? contact.middlename : @""),
             (contact.prefix ? contact.prefix : @""),
             (contact.suffix ? contact.suffix : @"")

    vcard = [vcard stringByAppendingFormat:@"FN:%@\n",contact.compositeName];
    if(  contact.nickname ) vcard = [vcard stringByAppendingFormat:@"NICKNAME:%@\n",contact.nickname];
    if(  contact.firstnamephonetic ) vcard = [vcard stringByAppendingFormat:@"X-PHONETIC-FIRST-NAME:%@\n",contact.firstnamephonetic];
    if(  contact.lastnamephonetic ) vcard = [vcard stringByAppendingFormat:@"X-PHONETIC-LAST-NAME:%@\n",contact.lastnamephonetic];

    // Work
    if( contact.organization || contact.department ) vcard = [vcard stringByAppendingFormat:@"ORG:%@;%@\n",(contact.organization?contact.organization:@""),(contact.department?contact.department:@"")];
    if( contact.jobtitle ) vcard = [vcard stringByAppendingFormat:@"TITLE:%@\n",contact.jobtitle];

    // Mail
    vcard = [vcard stringByAppendingString:[VCard toVcardField:@"email" items:contact.emailArray labels:contact.emailLabels]];

    // Tel
    vcard = [vcard stringByAppendingString:[VCard toVcardField:@"phone" items:contact.phoneArray labels:contact.phoneLabels]];

    // Adress
    vcard = [vcard stringByAppendingString:[VCard toVcardField:@"address" items:contact.addressArray labels:contact.addressLabels]];

    // url
    vcard = [vcard stringByAppendingString:[VCard toVcardField:@"url" items:contact.urlArray labels:contact.urlLabels]];

    // IM
    vcard = [vcard stringByAppendingString:[VCard toVcardField:@"im" items:contact.smsArray labels:contact.smsLabels]];

    // birthday
    NSDate *birthday = contact.birthday;
    if (birthday)
        NSString *bday = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@",birthday];
        NSArray *bdayArr = [bday componentsSeparatedByString:@" "];
        bday = [bdayArr objectAtIndex:0];

        vcard = [vcard stringByAppendingFormat:@"BDAY;value=date:%@\n",bday];

    // Photo
    NSData *imageData = contact.thumbData;//contact.imageData;
    if (imageData)
        //vcard = [vcard stringByAppendingFormat:@"PHOTO;BASE64:%@\n",[imageData base64Encoding]];

    // end
    vcard = [vcard stringByAppendingString:@"END:VCARD"];

and I get NSSTring as an output :

FN:Abc def
TEL;type=CELL:(258) 963-4889
TEL;type=IPHONE:(435) 768-6343
item1.ADR;type=HOME:;;aashram road;Ahmedabad;;;India

Can anybody help me to convert this NSString to .vcf file to get vCard?

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Hello, Thanks for asking question because I am working on same thing but can you help me how can I export this .vcf to particular email and how can I attach this .vcf file to email Thanks in Advance – Bhavesh Lathigara Dec 21 '13 at 7:39
Can u pls tell me that what is [VCard toVcardField:@"email" items:contact.emailArray labels:contact.emailLabels] is this any default method? – Surfer May 30 '14 at 7:33
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NSArray *paths = NSSearchPathForDirectoriesInDomains(NSDocumentDirectory, NSUserDomainMask, YES);
NSString *documentsDirectory = [paths objectAtIndex:0]; // Get documents directory

NSError *error;
BOOL succeed = [yourNSString writeToFile:[documentsDirectory stringByAppendingPathComponent:@"contact.vcf"]
                          atomically:YES encoding:NSUTF8StringEncoding error:&error];
if (!succeed){
    // Handle error here

This code save the vcard on Documents directory of your app.

yourNSString is the variable you use when you generate the vcard

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Thank you, my problem is solved. :) – user7388 Nov 7 '12 at 10:44
can you pls suggest me abt my above comment. or pls give complete details to create vcard – Surfer May 30 '14 at 7:35

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