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How to edit an default Xcode template?
How to set ___COPYRIGHT___ in Xcode 4.5

When we add a new file,

In .h & .m file, there is always a comments/documentation section at top.


    //  abc.h
    //  Project name
    //  Created by myname on 06/11/12.

How to modify those default comments to :

    // File Name: abc.h
    // Created By: myName
    // Created On: 06/11/12.
    // Purpose: 
    // Copyright (c) 2012 mycompany name. All rights reserved.

Please do help me on this issue

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If you are using the Xcode 4.5 and above, then follow the below process.

Go to the path of the Xcode. (Right Click on Xcode + Show in Finder). Right Click to Show Package Contents Contents->Developer->Library->Xcode->Templates->File Templates->Cocoa.

Select a template. Inside there will be files ___FILEBASENAME___. Edit that and save it.

Similarly you could edit what are all the templates you required.

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