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I am trying to build iOS native application in SUP, but I got this error

2012-11-06 12:47:40.885 SUP101[4585:4503] * -[__NSCFCalendar components:fromDate:]: date cannot be nil

I mean really, what do you think that operation is supposed to mean with a nil date?

An exception has been avoided for now.

A few of these errors are going to be reported with this complaint, then further violations will simply silently do whatever random thing results from the nil.

Here is the backtrace where this occurred this time (some frames may be missing due to compiler optimizations):

(0 CoreFoundation 0x005e1a75 -[__NSCFCalendar components:fromDate:] + 85

1 SUP101 0x000f068f _Z15GetTimeZoneInfoP10PIONEER_TZ + 482

2 SUP101 0x000ac810 _Z18EGetPioneerTZIndexb + 36

3 SUP101 0x000d22f1 _ZN10ECDateTime14BiasCalculatorERKS_R10ECTimeSpaniPb + 127

4 SUP101 0x000d29e2 _ZN10ECDateTime10EGetGMTimeERKS_i + 150

5 SUP101 0x0010ba62 _ZL16GetCurrentGMTimev + 56

6 SUP101 0x0010ba92 _ZN2mo23CmocaProcessClientQueue20WaitForQueuedRequestERlRNS_9CmoStringES3_S1_S3_l + 34

7 SUP101 0x0010bef1 _ZN2mo23CmocaProcessClientQueue18ProcessTillStoppedEv + 167

8 SUP101 0x001050fe _ZN2mo17CmocaProcessQueue7ProcessEv + 180

9 SUP101 0x0010521d _ZN2mo17CmocaProcessQueue10MOCAThreadEPv + 53

10 libsystem_c.dylib 0x9a25d557 _pthread_start + 344

11 libsystem_c.dylib 0x9a247cee thread_start + 34 )

I don't understand the meaning of this error ! Can someone please help me in understanding it ?

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You can find the moca log at Library/Caches, use iExplorer or similar utility to get it if you have an access to the device having the problem. If you are using MBO, they might be wrong configured with a nullable key-fields, there's no such a problem in my experience, just a guess. –  A-Live Nov 6 '12 at 15:00
Hi did you solved this problem. Because i am also facing this issue in iOS6 –  Dojo Jan 8 '13 at 8:46
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