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I have a client that wants and app for their employees (+400) but also distribute the same app to some clients (+200) for free but with different acces privileges. Should we use a combination of in-house and b2b distributions?,There is any other option that would not be so hard, so the clients would have to get the Volume Purchase Program?

As B2B distribution requieres review, can we add user registration to acces the app?

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In your case you need both in-house and b2b distribution. For your 400+ employees you need to buy iOS enterpirse distribution profile and for your clients you need to buy the b2b program.

other easy solution with less investment is to buy ios developer program (individual/organization) and publish the app in app store. you can have a login page where based on the login it can be differentiated wether it is for employees or clients and do the necessary steps.

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