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I have a jsonstore.

var speedDialStore = new Ext.data.JsonStore({
                pageSize: 4,
                proxy   : {
                    type: 'ajax',
                    url: 'speedDialListByHospitalID.html',
                    actionMethods: {
                        create: 'POST', read: 'POST', update: 'POST', destroy: 'POST'
                    reader: {
                        type: 'json',
                        root: 'results',
                        totalProperty: 'total',
                fields      : [{name:"id"},{name:"code"},{name:"name"},{name:"description"},{name:"hospitalID"},{name: "buildingID"},{name: "floorID"},{name:"alarmID"},{name:"notificationFrequency"},{name:"maxCount"},{name:"start"}],
                listeners: {
                  load : function (store, records, success, operation, options) {
                    if(records != null){


And a grid that uses this store.

My problem is when grid is sorted i need to sort all the store and just show first 4 element for the first page and second 4 element for the second page so on..

                        'sortchange': function(ct, column, direction, eOpts ){
                                speedDialStore.sort(column.dataIndex, direction);

after the slice method works, grid still shows the unsorted 4 elements. But if i add alert message or breakpoint at slice method i see that the store is sorted properly. Therefore (i think) i need to modify slice method or find any other way to solve this problem.. Server is sending all the data. We have to solve this problem here not server side.

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try grid.getView().refresh() – Varun Achar Nov 6 '12 at 12:36
Thank you for the answer but it doesn't work. The problem isn't about grid refresh. After sorting store it refreshes automaticaly. The problem is about slicing the records. Lets say i have five records and my grid shows 3 of them per page; "1", "2","3" for the first page and "4","5" for the second. After i reverse it; "5","4","3","2","1" Before slicing the records i see "5","4","3","2","1" on the grid's first(/w breakpoint) page. after sliced it becomes "3","2","1" for the first page and "5","4" for the second. What i want is "5","4","3" for the first and "2","1" for the second. – mmuratusta Nov 6 '12 at 12:43
you mean that they are unsorted? Then add a sorter on the store like so.. sorters : [{property : 'name', direction : 'ASC'}] – Varun Achar Nov 6 '12 at 12:48
They are sorted. But there is a problem with paging. "5","4" should be in the first page but they are still in the second. It looks like only the page is sorted, not the whole store.. But i know that the whole the store is sorted. This is the part that i don't understand. – mmuratusta Nov 6 '12 at 12:56
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change store listener like this,

listeners: {
                  load : function (store, records, success, operation, options) {
                    if(records != null && records.length > 0){
                        function compare(a,b) {
                          if (a.get(sortIndex) < b.get(sortIndex))
                             return -1;
                          if (a.get(sortIndex) > b.get(sortIndex))
                            return 1;
                          return 0;
                        if(sortDirection == "DESC"){

and sortchange listener like this,

 sortIndex = column.dataIndex;
 sortDirection = direction;

it works!

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