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I am new to SoapUI. I have to learn about soapUI ie: How to write a simple soapUI test and how to execute it and all about the results etc.

I have no idea about soapui as of now. So please tell me what is the purpose of a soapUI, how a sample soapUI scripts look and what are all the pre requisites for executing a soapUI testing.

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This is a pretty open-ended question but I'll try and answer it with some basic pointers to get you started.

SoapUI is a good tool if you want to test a service dealing with http calls, like rest or soap.

Create a new project and right click on it on the Navigator view on the left. Depending on weather the service uses a wsdl (soap) or wadl (rest) you can add the location of yours to populate a list of resources defined by the wsdl/wadl that you can then use to start putting together tests. For example if you had a wadl that specifies POST/PUT/GET/DELETE operations, resources will be created for these calls. You can then create test suites/cases that use these operations. First figure out where/how you access the service you want to test, then try and get those resources plugged into a new project and try and make a call of some kind to the service. If you can get the service to 'do something' through soapui, you'll be well on your way to figuring out how to use it to setup full tests.

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