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Hey guys im using this Devise model :

do anyone know where i can change it so that Devise uses my is_approved instead of the default approved ?

for some reason i cant use the default approved since sqlite wont update the bool attribute more info about that here : Rails 3 and SQLite communications concerning boolians

After i have approved a user on my website Device gives an error "user not approved" but i cant find in my app where i can change this ?

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Never mind i found it, it was so obvious that i almost dont want to share it lol

but in case anyone is ever wondering about it, then you just have to change

def active_for_authentication? 
  super && "your attribute"? 

def inactive_message 
  if !"your attribute"? 
    super # Use whatever other message 

the 2 places where i put "your attribute" this should be in your user model

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