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I am going to start a project in HTML5 that will run in internet browsers. Further I want to use the same HTML5 code to develop a Kindle fire app for android devices.

I have two questions regarding this:

Question 1 : Can we use the HTML5 code to develop Kindle fire app in Android devices. If we can How well it supports the navigators and device functionality.

Question 2 : What is the image resolution for Kindle fire application. I have got several dimensions such as (1024x600, 600x800 and 525x640) but cant sure.

thanks in advance...

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to your first question: yes, the browser on the Ice Cream Sandwich based Fires is HTML5 compatible (it's webkit based). You can find the user agent strings at

The different models have different screen sizes and pixel densities. Those are documented on the same Specifications page as the UA Strings

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