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I'm trying to create a cross-platform app.

So I have an image 1000x200 and I want to position it as image on background.

I try to calculate a real image size, to get it perfect on each screen. Because titanium resizes images and scales them in some magic way...

menuBottomImageView.toImage().width works fine on iOS and I get 1000px, but on android I get not the real size, only the displayed size and that's not what I need.

Is there a way to get the real dimensions of a file for both systems?

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for Android there is no better method, if you use getWidth() method, it will give createImageView()'s width, mentioned in the object. best one is your method menuBottomImageView.toImage().width .

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I don't have Android set up to test it, but on iOS I've discovered you can use:

var imgBlob = menuBottomImageView.toBlob(),
    imgWidth = imgBlob.width,
    imgHeight = imgBlob.height;

Using toBlob() is also much faster than using toImage(). According to the docs this is supported on Android, but then the docs say lots of things that don't always work out.

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