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i am inserting table in database using table datatype with the following code:

CREATE TYPE BackUpDoctorLocationAreaRoom AS TABLE (
[RoomId] bigint,
[AreaId] bigint,
[LocationId] bigint

Alter proc proc_tblBackUpDoctorInsert 
@Id uniqueidentifier='',
@BackUpDoctorId uniqueidentifier='1323e1f4-7a93-4b45-9a9b-3840c32fd6d8',  
@StartDate datetime='11/08/2012',  
@EndDate datetime='11/09/2012',  
@StartTime datetime='22:22:22',  
@EndTime datetime='01:11:11',  
@CreatedBy uniqueidentifier='acf7961c-4111-49ad-a66a-ce7f9ce131bd',  
@ModifiedBy uniqueidentifier='acf7961c-4111-49ad-a66a-ce7f9ce131bd',  
@createdDate datetime='11/6/12 3:09:58 AM',  
@ModifiedDate datetime='11/6/12 3:09:58 AM',
@tblBackUpDoctorsForRooms BackUpDoctorLocationAreaRoom READONLY
set xact_abort on
declare @newId uniqueidentifier;    
set @newId = newid(); 
insert into tblBackUpDoctor (Id,BackUpDoctorId,StartDate,EndDate,StartTime,EndTime,CreatedBy,ModifiedBy,
createdDate,ModifiedDate,IsActive,isdeleted) values 
declare @IdFortblBackUpDoctorsForRooms uniqueidentifier;    
set @IdFortblBackUpDoctorsForRooms = newid();    
delete from tblBackUpDoctorsForRooms where BackUpRecordId=@id and Roomid in (Select roomid from @tblBackUpDoctorsForRooms)
delete from tblbackupdoctor where id=@id
insert into tblBackUpDoctorsForRooms (BackUpRecordId,Roomid,Araeid,locationid)    
Select  @newId,roomid,areaid,locationid from @tblBackUpDoctorsForRooms
select @newId

This is the sp in which i am using that table.

My class file's code is :

public string InsertBackUpDoctor(ClsBackUpDoctorProp objProp, DataTable dtLocAreaRoom)
    String ConnectionString = CCMMUtility.GetCacheForWholeApplication();
    String backUpRecordId = "";
    SqlParameter[] param = new SqlParameter[12];
    param[0] = new SqlParameter("@Id", objProp.Id);
    param[1] = new SqlParameter("@BackUpDoctorId", objProp.BackUpDoctorId);
    param[2] = new SqlParameter("@StartDate", objProp.StartDate);
    param[3] = new SqlParameter("@EndDate", objProp.EndDate);
    param[4] = new SqlParameter("@StartTime", objProp.StartTime);
    param[5] = new SqlParameter("@EndTime", objProp.EndTime);
    param[6] = new SqlParameter("@CreatedBy", objProp.CreatedBy);
    param[7] = new SqlParameter("@ModifiedBy", objProp.ModifiedBy);
    param[8] = new SqlParameter("@createdDate", CCMMUtility.GetCurrentDateTimeByTimeZone("US Mountain Standard Time"));
    param[9] = new SqlParameter("@ModifiedDate", CCMMUtility.GetCurrentDateTimeByTimeZone("US Mountain Standard Time"));
    param[10] = new SqlParameter("@CurrentDate", objProp.CurrentDate);
    param[11] = new SqlParameter("@tblBackUpDoctorsForRooms ", dtLocAreaRoom);

    backUpRecordId = SqlHelper.ExecuteScalar(ConnectionString, "proc_tblbackupdoctorInsertBackUpDoctors", param).ToString();
    return backUpRecordId;

and here is the error which is coming when i tries to insert :

The incoming tabular data stream (TDS) remote procedure call (RPC) protocol stream is incorrect. Table-valued parameter 12 ("@tblBackUpDoctorsForRooms"), row 0, column 0: Data type 0xF3 (user-defined table type) has a non-zero length database name specified. Database name is not allowed with a table-valued parameter, only schema name and type name are valid. I dont know why this coming please help me..

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@ViralShah this is for nvarchar and i am not asking for that i am using datatable on the place of that.. –  Ram Singh Nov 6 '12 at 13:49

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parameter.SqlDbType = System.Data.SqlDbType.Structured;
parameter.TypeName = "BackUpDoctorLocationAreaRoom"; 

and in the call add

backUpRecordId = SqlHelper.ExecuteScalar(ConnectionString,CommandType.StoredProcedure   
"proc_tblbackupdoctorInsertBackUpDoctors", param).ToString();
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but if does not provide the command type i think it take Stored proc by default.. isnt so??????????? –  Ram Singh Nov 7 '12 at 6:34
If you are returning value from Stored Procedure or using table type variables then you need to explicitly specify Command Type. Also default Command Type is not StoredProcedure. –  Anshuman Jasrotia Nov 7 '12 at 6:35
hmmmm thanks its working for me.. i made a silly mistake..... –  Ram Singh Nov 7 '12 at 6:36

I believe you'd have to change the way you pass your custom parameter:

Not just

param[11] = new SqlParameter("@tblBackUpDoctorsForRooms ", dtLocAreaRoom);

but rather something like

SqlParameter parameter = new SqlParameter();           

parameter.ParameterName = "@tblBackUpDoctorsForRooms";               
parameter.SqlDbType = System.Data.SqlDbType.Structured;
parameter.TypeName = "BackUpDoctorLocationAreaRoom";                
parameter.Value = dtLocAreaRoom;                                  

param[11] = parameter;       
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no .......its not working for me....... –  Ram Singh Nov 6 '12 at 14:03

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