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I am making a hangman game for my son, in I have made buttons for each letter, and i have also made a list of words. The problem I am encountering is when I am trying to print the guessed letters to the labels. I don´t know how to this. Can anyone help me please?

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show some code for real help – Randy Nov 6 '12 at 13:52

I will try to help you although you haven't show your code.

A simple approach is:

Private sWord As String 'Your word here
Dim arrayLetters As Array

arrayLetters = sWord.ToCharArray

For i = 0 To arrayLetters.Length - 1
    Dim lbl As New Label
    lbl.Text = "_"
    lbl.Tag = arrayLetters(i)
    lbl.AutoSize = True

    Me.FlowLayoutPanel1.Controls.Add(lbl) ' Assuming that you have added a FlowLayoutPanel in your form to handle your labels (AutoSizeMode=GrowAndShrink)

Now you need a sub to check the if the user has pressed the right letter:

 Private Sub CheckLetter(ByVal letter As Char)
    For Each lbl As Label In FlowLayoutPanel1.Controls
        If lbl.Tag = letter Then
            lbl.Text = letter
            'Whatever you like if the user make a mistake
        End If
 End Sub

Now in the event that handles the buttons click

  CheckLetter("Here you put the corresponding letter") 

Of course you can have one event to handle all the letters (or even use keyboard for input),add capital letters etc.
Show us your efforts

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