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This has been making me pull my hair out for a while. I am sure I am missing something simple, yet I cannot seem to be able to spot it. I have searched for this problem specifically, but I couldn't find any similar post. Sorry if I should have been able to.

I have put an image gallery script on our page. It transitions between images using a slide animation. (JQuery based)

Here is a sample page: (The language should not be a problem I hope)

It works fine, but with one problem. Sometimes, some transitions between some images get stuck right in the middle. Leaving a half-half picture situation. Some clues:

  • It always gets stuck RIGHT in the middle. So images are split exactly on half position.
  • It happens more often when selecting images that are listed previous to the currently selected image (So, select an image, and then maybe select the image on its left)
  • The CSS values assigned to the elements appear to be correct
  • The flash banner on the right is the lead suspect, because disabling it resolves the issue completely. Unfortunately, it has to stay.
  • The embedded flash player in Chrome seems to have more problems than the native flash player installed when running under Internet Explorer. So, in short, Internet Explorer users don't have this problem as much

All was working well until I installed the flash banner on the right. Does the flash player have the ability to mess with javascript?

Thanks in advance, to anyone who are willing to investigate

EDIT: I have just realized quite an odd situation. The oddity corrects itself when the page, or the gallery re-renders for any reason, such as window-resize, zoom change, or gallery being overlapped with another element (such as the dropdown navigation menus) This is very odd. Has anyone ran into such a problem where the page content gets garbled, but, resizing the browser window fixes it?

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Im not seeing the issue, in chrome, IE or FF.... – VIDesignz Nov 6 '12 at 14:03
The issue has been fixed. Turns out, it was due to the flash banner being inside an iframe... Who knew? – Ayk Jan 30 '13 at 10:13
More info: I have reproduced the same problem even without keeping the banner in an iframe. What finally fixed the issue was putting the object inside a "div" with position:relative style. After that, all worked OK – Ayk Mar 7 '13 at 9:16

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