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I have very big problem and i can't find answer for it. Maybe You can halp me.

  1. In Sheet "Intro" I have row (5), in wich are formulas: (i) C5(='Sheet1'!$A$1); (ii) I5(=OFFSET('Sheet1'!$A$1;17;1;1;)); (iii) In this row also is number of my tables line, i. e B5(=1). This number "1" is also a hyperlink to Sheet1.enter code here

  2. I have Macro, which every time automaticaly insert new row after last filled row, i. e. when i have filled 5 row and run my Macro, it inserts line 6. Therefore necessary to automatically fill this row with my formulas, that I mentioned above.

More specifically, the new row should be filled in like this: When new row is 6: (i) C6(='Sheet2'!$A$1); (ii) I6(=OFFSET('Sheet2'!$A$1;17;1;1;)); (iii) B6(=2). This number "2" is also a hyperlink to Sheet2. When new row is 7: (i) C7(='Sheet3'!$A$1); (ii) I7(=OFFSET('Sheet3'!$A$1;17;1;1;)); (iii) B7(=3). This number "3" is also a hyperlink to Sheet3. When new row is 8: (i) C8(='Sheet4'!$A$1); (ii) I8(=OFFSET('Sheet4'!$A$1;17;1;1;)); (iii) B8(=4). This number "4" is also a hyperlink to Sheet4.


Maybe You can help me?

In advance thank you sincerely.

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As you already have a macro in place, I would extend the macro with some additional functionality to take care of this.

Throug VBA it is simple to set the Formula of a cell.

Sub createRow()
    Dim i As Integer
    i = 5
    Dim sheetOffset As Integer
    sheetOffset = -4

    FillInRow i, sheetOffset
End Sub

Sub FillInRow(i As Integer, sheetOffset As Integer)
    Sheets("Intro").Range("C" & i).Formula = "=Sheet" & CStr(i + sheetOffset) & "A1"
    Sheets("Intro").Range("I" & i).Formula = "=OFFSET(Sheet " & CStr(i + sheetOffset) & "3!$A$1;17;1;1;"
End Sub

You should set the offset carefully.

I could not understand what you needed in the "B" column. but seeing this example I am sure you can expand this.

If this is too vague, please say so and I can ellaborate.

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Does not work for me, maybe we can contact in Skype and talk more about it? –  user1803362 Nov 6 '12 at 15:20
Unfortunately I am unable to be contacted on Skype today. This macro does work for me; it does a very simple job of setting the formulas in 2 cells. Can you specify what does not work? Do you get an error? Does the macro show unexpected behaviour? Maybe it also helps if you post your original macro. –  Sven Gude Nov 6 '12 at 15:23
Maybe i can send for you the document and then one more time specify what i want to do. Maybe can i send email for you? –  user1803362 Nov 6 '12 at 15:29
I am seriously not posting my emailadres here. I am quite new here. If you can figure out how to send me a private message, feel free to ask that way. However, I stronly feel that with minimal VBA skills you should understand this code and get it to work. You obviously have a macro (so I guess you recorded it). If you post that macro, I can point out where to add more functionality. Additionaly, find out how to debug VBA code. That will make this process much easier for you. –  Sven Gude Nov 6 '12 at 15:34
Ok. I have idea. I can give my email acount for you. Go to gmail.com, account name macrousing@gmail.com, pass: macro123. Here i will import my document –  user1803362 Nov 6 '12 at 15:44

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