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i am using C++ Win32 API.

i have done to connect AD using ldap functions & create a attribute.

i done to set & get single values to attributes from AD.

Now,i want to set multiple values in myown attribute.the attribute name is "UsrAttrib".

how to set array of value into this attribute?

And i already tried to get "objectClass" attribute value,using below code.

usrValue = ldap_get_values(
                          pLdapConnection,  // Session Handle
                          pEntry,           // Current entry

the attribute actual value is top;person;organizationalPerson;user

But usrValue only gives top only.

and i check using ldap_count_values it gives 4.

How to i get all values from that attribute?

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To get all of the values of a particular attribute use ldap_count_values and ldap_get_values on the result of a search for the attribute. See the Searching a Directory example.

To set multiple values for a particular attribute you can list them all in the mod_values member of the ldapmod structure, or you can create multiple LDAP_MOD_ADD structures.

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@ Neil: Thanks for ur reply.Kindly see my update question. – Sanju Monu Nov 7 '12 at 4:49
@SanjuMonu What do you mean by usrValue only gives "top"? It's an array, so usrValue[0] should be "top", usrValue[1] should be "person" etc. – Neil Nov 7 '12 at 21:59

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