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I have a sqllite database in which the field dad_mmsi is created without a type:

c.execute('''CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS AIS_anoniem
             (dad_mmsi, dad_navstatus......)'''')

when i fetch the top result;

c.execute('SELECT DISTINCT dad_mmsi FROM AIS')
print c.fetchall()[0]

it prints:


which is not the same as what i put in, because it is converted to a tuple.

EDIT: since it is a tuple i need to access the index of the value i want:

 print c.fetchall()[0][0] == '456000001'

gives me:

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(u'456000001',) is the first row returned, your value is not converted to a tuple, that is the result row you are seeing. – Adam Wagner Nov 6 '12 at 15:01

fetchall returns a list of rows, and each row is a list (tuple) of columns. So this is correct.

Your query with DISTINCT does not return the top result, it returns all unique values. To return only the first result, use


(but you should add an ORDER BY clause to control which record you get).

To return only one row, use not fetchall but fetchone.

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