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Hey guys I'm stuck with this question. Please help.

I want to write a program that can extract alphabetical characters and special characters from an input string. An alphabetical character is any character from "a" to "z"(capital letters and numbers not included") a special character is any other character that is not alphanumerical.


string = hello//this-is-my-string@capetown

alphanumerical characters = hellothisismystringcapetown

special characters = //---@

Now my question is this:

  1. How do I loop through all the characters?

    (the for loop I'm using reads like this for x = 0 to strname.length)...is this correct?

  2. How do I extract characters to a string?

  3. How do I determine special characters?

any input is greatly appreciated.
Thank you very much for your time.

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You could loop through each character as follows:

For Each _char As Char In strname
    'Code here


For x as integer = 0 to strname.length - 1
    'Code here

or you can use Regex to replace the values you do not need in your string (I think this may be faster but I am no expert) Take a look at: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/xwewhkd1.aspx


The replacement code will look something as follows although I am not so sure what the regular expression (variable called pattern currently only replacing digits) would be:

Dim pattern As String = "(\d+)?" 'You need to update the regular expression here
Dim input As String = "123//hello//this-is-my-string@capetown"
Dim rgx As New Regex(pattern)
Dim result As String = rgx.Replace(input, "")
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Since you need to keep the values, you'll want to loop through your string. Keeping a list of characters as a result will come in handy since you can build a fresh string later. Then take advantage of a simple Regex test to determine where to place things. The psuedo code looks something like this.

Dim alphaChars As New List(Of String)
Dim specialChars As New List(Of String)

For Each _char As Char in testString

   If Regex.IsMatch(_char, "[a-z]")) Then




   End If


Then If you need to dump your results into a full string, you can simply use

String.Join(String.Empty, alphaChars.ToArray())

Note that this code makes the assumption that ANYTHING else than a-z is considered a special character, so if needs be you can do a second regular expression in your else clause to test for you special characters in a similar manner. It really depends on how much control you have over the input.

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I think what he wants is to not add A-Z, 0-9 as specialChars, so he'd need an additional elseIf doing nothing –  Beth Nov 6 '12 at 17:17

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