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I'm new to android development and I want to create a custom chart view (I know there are some libs for that, but I want to make my one view). I want it to have a chart, axes and a chart name (a label). I see two options how to implement this.

1) Subclass a view and have a complex draw method. Something like this (possibly with helper classes to draw axis, labels and so on)


2) Create a View subclass for drawing a chart itself, a View subclass for horizontal axis, a View subclass for vertical axis, and a Label. Then create a ViewGroup subclass and implement a custom layout.

Which method is preferable ?

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My point is that you should use a custom layout, so you won't have to redraw a potentially complex chart and you could center on just gathering and managing the data.

Better for reuse too if you make your own library after finishing ;)

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