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Ok I need a batch file that does the following and for the life of me I cannot seem to get it to work.

  1. Searches the entire C:\ drive for all *.PST files
  2. Copies these files to a network drive location (j:\@PCBackup\PST)
  3. If more than one file exists with the same name, rename instead of overwrite

So if the following exists:


the output would be something like:


Is this possible?

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It can be done as follows:

@echo off

FOR /F "usebackq delims=;" %%I IN (`dir C:\*.pst /s /b`) DO (
    IF NOT EXIST "j:\@PCBackup\PST\%%~nxI" (
        CALL :COPYFILE "%%I"
    ) ELSE (
        CALL :RENAME "%%I"


COPY "%1" "j:\@PCBackup\PST"

FOR /L %%N IN (1, 1, 1000) DO (
    IF NOT EXIST "j:\@PCBackup\PST\%~n1%%N%~x1" (
        COPY "%1" "j:\@PCBackup\PST\%~n1%%N%~x1"
        GOTO :EOF

Note that in the last FOR loop, I'm trying to find the next file name to use whenever a file name conflict occurs. I've set the maximum counter value to 1000, which should be more than enough to prevent all similar file name problems.

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